10 Inexpensive Kids’ Birthday Party Venues in Des Moines

10 Inexpensive Kids’ Birthday Party Venues in Des Moines

Ever feel like the birthday party you’re planning for your kiddo is more expensive than your wedding?! Fear not: There are inexpensive party rooms available to rent in Des Moines; you just have to know where to look. Keep in mind, buying an all-inclusive package can get pricey, especially if you want to invite your child’s entire class, but they’re also easy. The spots listed below may require some DIY inventiveness, but you’ll be rewarded with a special day that won’t (totally) break the budget.

Here are 10 inexpensive birthday party venues in Des Moines:

1. Apartment, Townhome or Condo Community Rooms

Many apartment buildings and multi-family complexes have community rooms available to residents to rent, usually for a small fee or some may even be free.  If you live in one of these communities or have a friend or relative that does, be sure to check out what the rental options are. Many apartment buildings also have pools, that would make for a great birthday party location in warmer months.  Just be sure to check with the complex regarding guest and room rental policies.

2. Churches

Check in with churches in your area as possible party locales. Many churches have gyms or multipurpose rooms that can easily accommodate a birthday celebration, along with a kitchen for any food storage or prep space you might need. For example, both Eastview Community Center and Valleyview Community Center rent out spaces for private parties. Both have multiple room options available starting at $30 per hour with a two-hour rental minimum.

3. Community Centers

Many local cities have community centers and other facilities available for rent. The City of Des Moines Park and Recreation rents rooms and other spaces at Four Mile Community Recreation Center and Pioneer Columbus Community Recreation Center, room rentals can start as low as $15 for conference rooms and $35 for gyms and multi-purpose rooms.

4. Organization and Business Halls

Organizations like the Lion’s Club, American Legion and local businesses like banks often have spaces available to host events, like birthday parties, at. The fee to rent this type of party space will depend on the size and demand of the facility. You’ll also want to keep in mind that you’ll need to provide your own food, paper goods and decorations, so calculate the costs of everything from the napkins and table coverings to the cake and clean up in your party budget.

5. Parks

The park can be a wonderful place to throw a kids’ birthday bash. This outdoor space provides plenty of room for plenty of guests and fun things for kids to do, like play equipment, green space, spray pads in the summer and ice rinks in the winter. Most city and county parks covered, and enclosed shelters can be reserved for free or for a fee, depending on the size of the facility.   Dean Park in Ankeny and Prairie Heritage Park in Altoona could make great locations for your kiddos next birthday party.

6. Restaurants

Haven’t we all attended a birthday party at McDonald’s at least once?  Many kid-friendly restaurants, like Burger King and Chic-fil-a offer inexpensive birthday party packages, but your go-to family dinner spot might also be happy to host your child’s bash for less. Many restaurants have a private space to accommodate parties and a lot of times, if you order food, there’s no rental fee for the room. Some other restaurants known to host birthday parties are Pizza Ranch and Sam and Louie’s.

7. Schools and Day Care Centers

Your child’s school or day care center may be the perfect spot for your child’s next birthday celebration. Your kid is already comfortable in the space and they tend to have plenty of toys and activities to keep kids entertained. Bring in a few snacks and a cake and you’re good to go.

8. Studios

A party in a rehearsal studio is just about perfect for kids. Rehearsal rooms are often large, with mirrors on the walls, and since there’s not much in these rooms kids can run amok. Several local dance, gymnastics, martial arts and fitness studios offer birthday party packages and a few also offer room rentals.  

9. The Mall

Yes, the mall. Here is a place where you can host your guests for free and create an adventurous birthday celebration. The food court provides seating and a central meeting place. From there adult chaperones can escort small groups on an excursion such as a digital image scavenger hunt or amazing race themed party. Be sure to check in with mall management, if you do plan to do an activity like a scavenger hunt.  You can also treat guests to inexpensive food court items such as pretzels or ice cream cones – or bring your own cupcakes.

10. YMCA

Your local Y is always a great place to consider for a party. Most have a variety of facilities, including gyms, playrooms, and pools, so you can get more than just a plain old space. Most Ys allow the public to rent, so there is no need to become a member. Contact a Y near you to see what’s available.



Do you have any ideas for budget-friendly kid birthday party venues? If you do, share them with us in the comments section below!

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