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10 Signs You’re an Indianola Kid

Indianola…the place where fun soars to great heights for kids. Between the great schools, the quaint square and enjoying the outdoors at Ahquhabi State Park, kids will never be bored in this bustling bedroom community. Here are 10 signs that you’re living it up as a kid in Indianola.

1. During summer you hit the Outside Scoop at least once a week. 

Indianola kids have become ice cream connoisseurs with Outside Scoop in their home town! The beloved shop’s eclectic flavors like Lemonhead Custard, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Salty Caramel with Toffee and Maple Bacon Brittle are always changing.

2. You have to go high tech to find your Easter Eggs.

For the last few years the Warren County Conservation Board has hosted a Geocaching Easter Egg Hunt. Kids have to use a GPS unit to find their eggs that are hidden throughout the park at the Annette Nature Center.

3. Your visits to “town” are planned strategically.

You go into town with your parents to go shopping or to dinner OR you are carpooling to practices, school or to a friend’s/cousin’s house that lives in town.

4. Since birth you’ve been a little Storm chaser. 

Indianola is home to Simpson College and little sports fans can take in NCAA Division III level collegiate athletics. Parents love the Storm too, because they can catch great sporting entertainment and still have a little jingle in their pocket.

5. Lake Ahquabi State Park is your play space. 

Ahquabi is the Sauk and Fox native word meaning “resting place”, and it is a fitting name for this scenic 770 acre park. Families can go fishing and camping or go on a picnic and hike or bike it’s many trails.

6. You know the names of everyone that works at Crouse Café and know to save room for pie. 

Crouse Café in Indianola has been serving up homemade meals for over 50 years and are famous for their cherry pie, which was listed on the Des Moines Register’s “List of 100 Things to Eat in Iowa Before You Die”.

7. You’re sure to Trick or Treat on the square so you can get even MORE candy. 

Indianola’s quaint town square is lined with shops and host many community events like Beggar’s Night and their Holiday Extravaganza and lighted parade.

8. You love visiting the Edge of the Woods Raspberry Farm, North River Corn Maze and many more local farms that are literally just down the road from your house. 

The area around Indianola has become a small enclave of small farms and wineries producing unique products.   You can pick your own berries and purchase homemade fruit pies, goat milk soaps, local jams and jellies and find other locally made products.

9. You know more than one “Balloonatic”.

Indianola is home to the National Balloon Classic and soars to great heights for nine days every July and August.  Around 100 balloons take to the skies to showcase their spectacular beauty.

10. You like your Peanut Butter with Puccini. 

Each June the Des Moines Metro Opera, which is located in Indianola invites kids to a behind the scenes peek at live theatre. They also get to enjoy a special kid-friendly performance.


Now it’s your turn! Share your sure sign of Indianola kid membership in a comment below. 


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