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10 Signs You’re a Johnston Kid

No matter where you live, being a kid is a silly, crazy experience. So what’s it like growing up in Johnston, which is known for its great schools, businesses and family friendly hoods? Here are 10 signs you’ve got a little Johnstonian on your hands

1. You love to watch the Johnston skyline be covered in color each spring.

The Kites on the Green Festival has become an annual springtime tradition in Johnston. This free, public event features giant show kite displays, kite contests for people of all ages and abilities, kite building, live music and delicious food.

2. Getting ice cream means looking it in the eye before you eat it.

If kids order an ice cream cone at Van Dee’s Ice Cream Shoppe, beware that they come with candy eyes! This traditional seasonal soft serve ice cream shoppe features a number of cool creamy concoctions and fried food goodness.

3. You have immediate respect for anyone in uniform.

With Camp Dodge and Iowa National Guard in your backyard you appreciate the sacrifices that men and women in uniform have made for our freedoms.

4. When it comes to the Academy Awards, your predictions for what wins are pretty accurate.

With the newly remodeled Carmike Wynnsong 16 Theater just down the street, you’ve spent many a weekend afternoon or evening watching the latest movie releases.

5. You know when your mom starts singing “Drunk in Love”, you’ve got a date with the babysitter.

If your mom’s a humming, it means the Ps are hitting the town and they’ll most likely enjoy dinner at Trostel’s Greenbriar. A relaxed white-cloth spot with classic & updated American fare plus a long wine list and a full bar!

6. Timing to see who can hold their breath underwater the longest is the most important competition possible.

With few indoor public pools in the Des Moines Metro, Johnston kids are lucky that they can enjoy open swim time and take swim lessons at the indoor Summit Pool in Johnston.

7. You and your friends choreograph dances after school “for fun.”

Johnston Dance Academy has been training dancers to express themselves for a number of years. They are currently enrolling for their 2016 summer camp classes.

8. You’ve gotten a little Green at Green Days.

You noshed on all the tasty food and then rode one too many carnival rides at Johnston Green Days. A community celebration held in Johnston every June.

9. Your Tuesday dinner comes from the fruit and veggie sample trays at the Johnston Farmers’ Market.

The Johnston Farmers’ Market is held every Tuesday afternoon from 3:30 to 6:30 pm in the City Hall parking lot through October 6, 2016. It offers up a wide selection of locally-grown produce and baked goods.

10. You actually know your neighbors — and play with them regularly.

The City of Johnston is a family friendly community where kids can run, scooter or bike around the neighborhood. Getting to know the people who live nearby helps kids create a sense of community and belonging.


What do you think makes them Johnston kids? Feel free to add to our list in the Comments section below!

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