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5 Great Gift Ideas to Celebrate Grandparents Day in Des Moines

Those of us lucky enough to have parents nearby count on them for so much: reliable (and free) babysitting, parenting advice (requested or not) and lots and lots of grandchild spoiling. They are cherished members of our family who unfortunately don’t always get the thanks they deserve. Grandparents Day, which is on Sunday, September 9th, 2018 is a great opportunity to show them a little appreciation.  Here are five fun and easy ways to say, “Happy Grandparent’s Day,” to the matriarchs and patriarchs of your clan.

Say It With Snapshots

Most grandparents are pretty proud of their grandchildren and love showing them off to their friends. Why not put together a photo album for them or put a couple of nice snapshots in frames? It’s so easy to create photo compilations on-line, check out University Photo to create a one-of-a kind memento. Taking the time to put together a collection of moments from your kids’ lives is really a thoughtful and meaningful gift.

Use Your Words

Wordle is a site that will let you create fun and beautiful “word clouds” to represent each grandparent. It’s super simple and FREE. Just go to the Wordle site and have your kids write or dictate things they love about their grandparents or memories they have of fun times together. Place all of the words into the Wordle form on-line and it will create a really fun and beautiful word cloud. You can also upload your own image or clip art, if you want. All you have to do is print, and pop it into a frame. Wordles are sweet and their sentimentality will make the grandparents gush.

Frame It Artfully

The best gifts are those that come from the heart and are made by our own hands. Kids love to create and their artwork can stack up pretty fast throughout the year.  Why not share one of their creations with the grands?  If you don’t have anything laying around, they could always make something new.  To make the gift a little more special you can have it framed or printed on to a mug or other keepsake on websites like SnapfishShutterfly and Blurb.

A Redeemable Gift

Sometimes, the very best gifts are unexpected gestures of love from those closest to you. A “coupon book” from your kids would make a great gift for their grandparents. This gift is fun on so many levels. It’s fun for the recipient – having these precious coupons to use throughout the year (or in a period of three days) is a great treat. It’s also fun for the giver, because you never know when those coupons are going to be used! They’re also incredibly easy and inexpensive to make. Children can make the coupons by hand writing them or making them on the computer.

A Grand Play Date

Present each grandparent with a certificate for a pre-paid play date with their grandkids. Let your child pick what sort of outing they’d like to have with each grandparent. A simple “gift certificate” can be made with construction paper or printed on the computer. Some ideas could be lunch and a manicure with Grandma, bowling and (root) beers with Poppa, or dinner and a movie with Nanna. You treat for the outing, and grandparents and grandkids get priceless time together.


How do you plan to show Grandma and Grandpa a little appreciation this year? Let us know in a comment below!

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