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A Beautiful Day 4 Neighbors in Des Moines

“It’s a beautiful day in this neighborhood, A beautiful day for a neighbor. Would you be mine? Could you be mine?…”  Mr. Rogers knew how to rock being a good neighbor!  Today is National Good Neighbor Day!  A day to celebrate the importance of a good neighbor. It’s the perfect time to teach your kids about being a good neighbor and member of the greater community. Here are 10 simple things you and your kids can do to make your neighborhood beautiful.

  1. Get to know your neighbors. This seems like a given, but in this fast paced world, many neighbors don’t even know each other’s names.  This is also a good way to have the kids practice introducing themselves.
  2. Be neighborly, say hello, and give them a wave. Kids can be shy. Lead by example and teach your kids to speak and say hello to a neighbor when they see them out.
  3. Be considerate. Kids need to learn boundaries.  Not only do they need learn to be respectful of neighbor’s property they also need to be respectful of their privacy.
  4. Do not litter. If you are in a neighbor’s yard and have a piece of gum, do not just throw the wrapper down. Put it in your pocket to take it home and throw away, or find garbage to put it in.
  5. Look for ways to be helpful. For example, if your neighbors are on vacation offer to bring in the mail or mow their yard.
  6. Don’t cover it up. Accidents will happen. Teach your child what to do when things go wrong.
  7. Help out. If you know a neighbor who is sick or just had a baby offer to bring over a meal or to babysit.
  8. Plan or participate in neighborhood block parties/celebrations. Getting together a few times a year creates and strengthens bonds with your neighbors. And kids love them! Get them involved and let them help with the planning.
  9. Deliver holiday or birthday gifts. This is a great opportunity to show a little neighborly love.  Bake them cookies for the holidays, deliver May baskets or simply take them a cup of coffee, just because.
  10. Look out for each other. Even if you’re not in a “neighborhood watch” neighborhood, keep your eye on anyone you don’t know acting suspiciously around your neighbor’s property.


What’s your tips for being a good neighbor?  Share them with us in the comments below. 

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