Apple of My Eye: Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids –

Apple of My Eye: Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids

Are your kids the apple of your eye?  Then this may just be the birthday party inspiration you’re looking for! An apple theme is perfect for a fall birthday party and can be used for a boy, girl or toddler to elementary school aged child. Of course, you can’t have an apple themed party without apples, but you can also throw in other fun fall classics making the party prep easy-as-pie to pull together.

Inspiration & Invitation

Apple of My Eye: Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids –

This party was inspired by a picture I took of the kids while we were apple picking. (It makes me laugh:)  I used it in the invitation I created for a family birthday party, we held for them a couple of years ago at home.  My kiddos’ birthdays are less than a month a part.  Instead of making family schlep to two different birthday parties we just hold one party for both, so I’m always on the lookout for gender neutral birthday party themes.

If you don’t want to host the birthday party in your home, a local orchard, farm or park would all make fun festive fall backdrops.


Apple of My Eye: Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids –

With a nod to the fall season, it’s easy to plan your décor around the playful red and green colors of apples to create a festive party space. When starting the planning process for any party, it’s best to select a few main ideas or areas where you’d like to focus your attention.  Don’t make it so elaborate that you can’t enjoy the celebration.  For this party, I chose to focus on a festive dessert table.

The banner pictured above, as well as, the food labels are included in our Apple Birthday Party Printable Pack below.  The scalloped circles are reminiscent of pie tins and send a not-so-subtle message to your beloveds.

Games and Activities

Apple of My Eye: Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids –

Since this was a family party, we didn’t go crazy with the games and activities.  We did have a few other kids over, so we of course had to bob for apples.  Fill up a bucket with water and apples and just have the kids go for it.  Some other fun fall themed activities include:

Circle Games: Have kids place an apple under their chin and then try to pass it (without dropping it) all the way around the circle.  You could also use an apple to play “Hot Potato”.
Apple Toss Game: You will need a bushel basket and five apples (you can substitute red bean bags or small red balls). Use masking tape to tape a line on the floor. Place the basket five to six feet away from the line. Have the kids stand behind the line and try to toss the apples into the basket.
Balance the Apple Relay Race: Kids divide into two teams.  Each team gets one apple.  Each racer will balance an apple on their head and run /walk as fast as they can to a designated spot without dropping the apple.  They will then pass off to the next player.  If the apple drops they need to start over.
Apple Prints:  If you have a crafty kiddo a fun activitiy is to use apples as stamps.  Just cut them in half, dip them in paint and then stamp them onto paper or fabric.

Food & Drink

Apple of My Eye: Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids –

It’s fall so you’ll want to enjoy the bounty of the harvest season. Be sure to serve anything and everything apple flavored.  Our dessert table included:

Apple Pie: We served apple pie in lieu of cake.  Of course, it can be served a la mode.
Apple Cake Pops: On my daughter’s requirest, I actually made the cake pops shown above and am quite proud of them;)  I used a cinnamon cake mix and icing and the directions at
Sugar Cookies: These are a staple at our family birthday parties.  You can find the recipe here.
Caramels: They’re hard to see, but there are a few caramels tucked away in the little green bins.

FREE Party Printables

Download: 08.25.17 Apple of My Eye FREE Printables



What are your tips for hosting an apple themed birthday party for kids?

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