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Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Your Kids!

I’m not sure if my husband and I aren’t as romantic as we used to be or if we’re smarter and wiser.  We started a new Valentine’s Day tradition a few years ago of going out for lunch instead of dinner.  Fighting the masses for reservations and baby-sitters seems to take the pleasure out of the evening.  It may also be that we were married for six years before we had kids and dated for three before that and have many a Valentine’s dinner under our belt?!?

So, last year, on a whim, we made a “nice” Valentine’s dinner at home, with the kids’ help.  Valentine’s Day is about love, right?  So why not celebrate it with the ones you cherish most?  My daughter was super excited and enthusiastic about helping decorate and make dinner.

Celebrate Valentine's Day with Your Kids - dsm4kids.com

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To make the evening special we set a pretty table complete with tablecloth, cloth napkins and candles.  We also got some balloons, made some tissue paper tassels that we hung on each person’s chair and my daughter had a great time sprinkling a few flower petals around the table.  Tissue Tassel Tutorial.

Celebrate Valentine's Day With Your Kids - dsm4kids.com

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To set the mood…for dinner…we created a play list of songs with the word “love” in them.  This was a great task for my son, who enjoys creating play lists.  The word love, is in a lot of different types of songs, from slow to up-beat, which was good for the kids, especially my son, who is not into sappy love songs.  10 Irresistible Valentine’s Day Playlists by Family Circle.

Celebrate Valentine's Day With Your Kids - dsm4kids.com

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I asked the kids for menu suggestions for dinner, so it ended up being a bit of a hodge-podge.  My son requested his favorite Sesame Chicken, which I make in the crockpot, score! And, my daughter requested a “fancy” dessert, which ended up being a Skinny Cow Pretty in Pink Truffle Ice Cream Bar.  I didn’t say dinner had to be complicated.  Whatever works!?!  Crockpot Honey Sesame Chicken Recipe.

It ended up being a fun memorable night and my daughter keeps asking me when we can have “fancy” dinner this Valentine’s Day.  I think a new family Valentine’s Day tradition was created.


What are some of your suggestions for celebrating Valentine’s Day with your kids?

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