Extracurriculars Your Kids May Not Have Tried Yet in Des Moines

Extracurriculars Your Kids May Not Have Tried Yet in Des Moines

Looking for an extra-curricular activity for your budding artist, fencer or ninja warrior? Check out these five classes that go beyond ballet and basketball to offer Des Moines youth unique opportunities. From toddlers to teenagers this list of extraordinary activities will add fun and learning to your family’s weekly routine.

Animation Classes

The Des Moines Art Center

The Des Moines Art Center is more than just a museum. They offer classes for all ages and abilities in a variety of art mediums. Check out their upcoming fall classes.

The Art Center offers a number of classes to kids of all ages and families which vary in price. Check their website for availability.


Youth Code

There’s no reason for kids to be bored this fall when they can do cool stuff like create video games, compose music, make movies and program robots. All this happens—plus lots of learning—with Youth Code an organization that provides special kid-focused coding workshops.

Youth Code offers workshops at Valley Community Center and other venues around town. Be sure to check out all the classes they offer on their website!


Red Door Fencing

If your little swashbuckler has a penchant for sword fighting, consider enrolling them in a fencing class.  Red Door Fencing Club is offering Youth Beginner Fencing Classes are offered in periodic 6-week sessions on Tuesdays from 5:30 to 6:30 pm. Students ages 8 to 12 will learn the fundamentals of fencing: safety, basic actions, terminology, and simple strategy. All equipment is provided.

Red Door Fencing also offers Youth Epee and Competitive Epee Practice, Conditioning and Private Lessons.  Visit their website for additional info.

Ninja Kids

TGR Fitness

Do you have a kiddo that’s been watching American Ninja Warrior all summer? Get them off the couch with TGR Fitness’ Ninja Kids 6-Week Sessions.  They are returning for the third year and are more popular than ever with even more obstacles to challenge your little ninja.  Sign up for fall and winter sessions now for ages 4-8 years old and 9-14 years old.

This America Ninja Warrior-inspired family fun spot offers weekly classes, special events, open gym and more.

Rock Band

Trilk Rock School 

Do you have a little rocker in need of a band? TRS was founded by Dan Trilk to give young musicians the opportunity to have an ongoing band with the support and direction of a coach.  Students name their own band, choose most of their own songs and perform at great venues in the Des Moines area.

For questions and additional information, contact dan@dantrilkmusic.com.



What unique extracurriculars does your kid(s) participate in? Tell us in the comments section below!


  1. I really enjoy the information and updates on this website.
    One suggestion would be about programs that have deadlines, registration, or other limitations to find a way to distinguish and highlight that information so it is more easily understood. This way the readers can quickly see what does pertain for their situation first.

    For example, we have teen daughters so most programs will not apply to them. However, some family programs will. Other restrictions would be cost, ages, ability leveled programs, location, time, etc.

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