Family Movie Night

Family Movie Night

One of my favorite ways to spend a chilly evening is snuggled up with the kiddos for a family movie night.  Watching movies is a fun way to spend a low key evening at home, whether that is Saturday night, Sunday afternoon, or even Thursday evening. Here are some tips for a fun family movie night in.  The hardest part will be agreeing on which movie to watch!

Just Add Your Favorite Blockbuster

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Take turns choosing the movie. If you’ve got little kids, you may want to pre-select a few acceptable choices, to avoid watching the same movie over and over again. With older kids, tell them you’ll watch anything they choose as long as they return the favor when it’s your turn. Impose a “no complaining” rule for all ages:)!

A few other ways to choose a movie.  If one of your kiddos has recently finished a book that’s also a movie, watch it and compare the two.  Re-watch your favorite holiday classics.  Pick a musical and have everyone sing and dance -to make the movie watching experience more interactive.  Get ready for what will be in the theatres this season – Hunger Games or Star Wars marathon, anyone?

Movie Night Snacks


A movie night is just not a movie night without a little popcorn.  There’s nothing better than good old fashioned movie popcorn dripping with freshly melted butter!  Popcorn comes in all kinds of shapes and flavors these days; microwaved, pre-popped, kettle corn, caramel, popcorn balls … decisions, decisions!

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Regardless of which type of popcorn you are serving, make it a special treat and serve it up in some cute containers. You can pick up inexpensive and fun popcorn bags and boxes or you can use your own bowls or even a coffee filter.

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Another fun way to serve popcorn is to set up a popcorn bar. Set out a few different flavors of popcorn, seasonings and a few mix-ins like: M&Ms, nuts, pretzels, dried fruit, parmesan cheese, etc.


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If your family has a sweet tooth, you can create your own little mini concession stand full of movie candy.  It doesn’t need to be anything fancy.  We like to purchase the boxed candy, which looks like what you’d buy at the movie theater.  You can find it at the dollar store, grocery store or big box stores.

Make it Special

Family Movie Night – dsm4kids.comTake tickets.  Give everybody a ticket ahead of time so they know when the movie will start and collect them as they enter the room.  Here is a cute FREE printable that you can download and print at home:10.31.15 FREE Family Movie Night Ticket Printable.

Make it a theme night. This can be simple or elaborate. Eat popsicles while watching Frozen, make emoticon cookies to represent emotions for Inside Out, dress like a superhero for any of the Marvel movies, or learn a few magic tricks before Harry Potter.

What are your tips for a fun family movie night?  Help us all out and share in the Comments below. 

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