How do you plan your kids' birthday parties? -

The Great Birthday Party Debate

You say it’s your birthday!  The expectations for throwing a kids birthday party has grown.  Some may say, gotten out of hand.  And I must admit, I’m probably a little part of the problem.  I love throwing my kids birthday parties; theming them, creating invitations and decorations.

So, we will be featuring birthday party articles here on dsm4kids.  We will cover various topics including party planning, ideas, venues, etc.  As I write this, I know a lot of you out there are going, Ugh!  You would rather be water boarded than think of planning another birthday party. I get it.  This article is really about finding out what type of parties Des Moines area parents like to throw for their kids.

Take the quiz below and let us know what type of birthday party planner you are:

A. I’ve been pinning ideas on Pinterest for six months and I think I’ve found the perfect one.
B. I’ll go with whatever my kid picks.
C. Isn’t birthday party a theme?

Guest List
A. I narrow it down to 50+ of our closest friends and relatives.
B. I let my kid invite six to ten of their friends.
C. I have to invite people to the party?

A. Custom created and coordinated with the theme.
B. I sent out a cute evite.
C. Is a text considered an invitation?

A. It took me weeks to hand make and coordinate the invitations, balloons, tablescape and napkins.
B. I popped into Nobbies and picked up a few items in the theme my kid chose.
C. Are the candles on the cake considered decorations?

Menu and Cake
A. Themed Cake, themed cupcakes, themed cake pops, themed cookie.
B. I always bake my kid’s favorite cake and put out a few snacks.
C. Stopped by Hy-Vee on my way home from work.

Games & Entertainment
A. Carnival game explosion, complete with jugglers and stilt walkers.
B. I hired a clown.
C. Is chasing the neighbor’s cat around the yard considered a game?

Goody Bags
A. Personalized and themed in custom wrapping.
B. Bubbles and a jump rope.
C. Favors? Didn’t I just throw these kids a party?

If you answered mostly A, you are a die-hard birthday party planner.  You pull out all the stops, birthdays are always eagerly anticipated at your house.  If you answered mostly B, you cater to the birthday kiddo and put together a bash that’s not too over the top and that they will love and cherish. If you answered mostly C, you favor a low-key, family-style birthday that celebrates in a more minimal style.

Wherever you’re at on the birthday party spectrum, we hope to bring you some great ideas that will help you throw the best party that’s right for your birthday girl or boy.

Let us know what kind of party planner you are in the comments below.