Host a Kid Friendly Super Bowl Party -

Host a Kid Friendly Super Bowl Party

Hosting a Super Bowl Party this year? Score a touch down with these fun, easy and kid friendly party activities. Even your tiniest fans will be entertained!

Pre-Party Planning


Host a Kid Friendly Super Bowl Party -

Super Bowl parties tend to be low key affairs. So, there’s no need to get too fancy with the invitation.  We’ve created a simple invitation as part of our FREE Super Bowl Party Printables.  Fill in the RSVP details, print and cut, quick easy and inexpensive.  If that’s too much work for you send the invitation as an email.


Host a Kid Friendly Super Bowl Party -

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Decorating your home for the big game is a fun way to create a festive environment for your guests.  If you’re not a big fan of either team, you may not want to purchase a ton of stuff emblazoned with logos.  As an alternative, you can incorporate iconic football elements and shapes, like: footballs; the field itself; goal post; helmets; jerseys, etc. into your party décor.

Party Day

Games & Activities

Host a Kid Friendly Super Bowl Party - dsm4kids.comHost a Kid Friendly Super Bowl Party -

It can be a challenge to hold kids’ interest during the game.  Here are a few ideas to keep the kiddos at your Super Bowl Party entertained and involved with the game.

  • Play Super Bowl Bingo – Kids can start to lose interest during the game. It can fun to engage them in a simple game, like football bingo.  We included a bingo game with the party printables, but you can also find other options on-line or create your own.
  • Play Football Squares – We’ve included a grid to play the Squares Game with the party printables. Squares is a wagering competition in which people try to predict the last digit of the scores for both teams at the end of each quarter. Since this is a family party, if you don’t want to play for money, the hostess could offer up a small prize for the winner of each quarter.  Prizes could include a small football, a foam finger, mardi gras style beads, temporary tattoos, etc.
  • Play Pass the Football – Have the kids sit or stand in a circle. Crank up the tunes and have them pass the football around the circle.  When the music stops, the player holding the football is out.  Keep passing until there is a final winner.
  • Find the Football – Set up a simple scavenger hunt. Hide mini footballs around the house and either provide verbal clues or a written key so everybody knows what they’re looking for. Then send the kiddos on their way to find the footballs.
  • Face Painting Station – Set up a spirit station complete with some face paints and temporary tattoos and let little fans show their team spirit!
  • Coloring Pages com has several football related coloring pages. Print a few out and put them on the tables along with crayons, so guests can color at their leisure.

Food & Drink

What’s a Super Bowl party without some munchies?  Game watchers will need to keep their energy up to watch all of the commercials.  Following are some kid friendly food and drink ideas:

Host a Kid Friendly Super Bowl Party -

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Super Bowl Sandwich Supper

  • Mini Baked Ham Sandwiches – These are great to feed a crowd. You can bake several of these small delicious sandwiches at one time and set out for the party guests to grab and go.
  • Chips & Dip
  • Lettuce Salad
  • Ice Cream Sandwiches – Use some store bought icing to add laces to them.
  • Sports Drinks
  • Bottled Water
  • Adult Beverages
Host a Kid Friendly Super Bowl Party -

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FREE Party Printables

Click on the link below to access the FREE party printables featured in this post.

01.30.16 Super Bowl Party Printables


What are your tips for hosting a kid friendly Super Bowl party?

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