Hosting a Game Truck Birthday Party 4 Kids in Des Moines

Hosting a Game Truck Birthday Party 4 Kids in Des Moines

My son is a bit of a gamer and could play Minecraft and Madden for hours.  So when he asked to have a Game Truck birthday party, I said “yes”.  Bonus, we co-hosted the birthday party with one of his buddies and were able to split the cost and party prep in half.

If video games, Xbox and PS4 is all your little Skylander wants for his or her birthday, Game Truck delivers, literally. The best part about GameTruck is that it pulls up to your house, but it’s not actually *in* your house. And, with 20 energetic nine year old boys to entertain, you will be grateful that they are “contained”!

Hosting a Game Truck Party 4 Kids in Des Moines -

Contact Information

GameTruck Des Moines delivers gaming fun throughout the Des Moines area, including Ankeny, Pleasantville, Urbandale, Ogden, and Johnston.

GameTruck Des Moines

Phone: (515) 564-9111
Office hours: Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 6:00 pm; Saturday & Sunday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Pre-Party Planning

Making a Reservation

You can either call GameTruck Des Moines to make a reservation or schedule one on-line. I suggest booking the birthday party three to four weeks out, so you’re sure to get your preferred date and time. Brad Taylor, the owner, was very polite and ran through all of the Video Game party details, what could be expected on the day of the birthday party and followed up with a confirmation email and reminders.

Your party is hosted by a “GameCoach” and the climate controlled GameTruck pulls right up to your door for a two-hour birthday for gamers seven and up. Parties can be booked seven days a week from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.

Hosting a Game Truck Party 4 Kids in Des Moines -

Party Packages

The most popular birthday party, the Video Game Party is a favorite in Des Moines. Featuring state of the art technology and 36+ video games for you and your guests.  GameTruck Des Moines offers two birthday party packages to choose from.

Video Game Party Package

  • Anyday
  • 2 Hours
  • VIP Gift
  • Invites
  • Coach
  • GameTruck

Pricing varies depending on availability, number of guests and location of the party. Travel fees may apply outside the local Des Moines area. Request a quote on-line or call for specific party pricing.


GameTruck Des Moines provided us with a PDF Invitation.  You can either print it to hand-out or attach it to an e-mail.

Hosting a Game Truck Party 4 Kids in Des Moines -

Party Details


The beauty of hosting a GameTruck birthday party is that it’s self-contained. The only time the boys went into the house was to use the facilities. So, there’s really no need for a lot of decorations.  We set up a snack table in the driveway and gave it a Minecraft theme.  But that was it.  In winter months, it may not be feasible to set up outside, but there will still be minimal time spent in the house or garage.

To decorate the snack table we wrapped a brown paper table cloth around a rectangular folding table and then layered on a vinyl “grass” table cloth to make it look like a Minecraft block.   A few boxes were wrapped with Minecraft wrapping paper to set food on and to give the table different levels.  To complete the look, pre-made food labels and a sign to hang on the garage door were also printed.

This ended up being one of the easiest birthday parties to host.  I didn’t even create any printables for this party.  All printed items were FREE printables found on Pinterest. If you’re interested in the items shown in the pictures, you can find them on our Game Themed Parties 4 Kids Pinterest Board.

Hosting a Game Truck Party 4 Kids in Des Moines -


The GameTruck IS the party’s mobile entertainment.  The gaming area is clean and will fit about 12-20 kiddos comfortably.  If it’s a nice day out, windows can be opened for gamers to breathe in a little fresh air and if it’s cooler out, the truck stays warm and toasty.

Although the kids get to play, parents can pick the titles they can choose from. And with games like Minecraft, Skylanders, Madden etc. there are plenty of family-friendly options that should appeal to every party-goer (and maybe even mom and dad, too!). A game coach is stationed on the truck too.  They help with game change out, dole out tips and tricks for little gamers and generally corral the kiddos so parents don’t have to.  You can just sit back and relax!

Hosting a Game Truck Party 4 Kids in Des Moines -

Food & Drink

GameTruck does not provide any food, so it’s up to you to decide what you will serve at the party.  To keep with the Minecraft Theme (and the cute food labels;) this is what we served:

Redstone – Strawberries
Cookies – Cookies
Diamonds – Ring Pops
TNT – Red Licorice wrapped with a TNT Label
Carrots – Carrots
Coal – Brownie Bites
Slime Balls – Green Grapes
Golden Apples – Gold Fish
Minecraft Blocks – Rice Cereal Bars
Cake – Cupcakes
Potion of Healing – Gatorade
Bottled Water

Hosting a Game Truck Party 4 Kids in Des Moines -

At the end of the party we sang Happy Birthday and the cupcakes were served.  My friend and co-host, Heather, made the cupcakes to look like Minecraft cakes.  They were made with white cake and decorated with white frosting and red fruit strip “gems”.


Since, we had a combined birthday party, we asked guests not to bring gifts. We also provided minimal favors.  My son made “Creeper” bags for guests to take home Minecraft looking “bugs” and snacks.  The bags were easy to make.  We purchased green bags and then he used a black Sharpie to draw the face.  Each of the guest’s names were printed out and glued on the front.



What are your tips for hosting a Game Truck Party for kids in Des Moines?


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  1. Thank you so much for the kind article. As owner of the GameTruck, getting the word out is one of our biggest challenges and information like this we really appreciate.

    GameTruck has two primary goals. One, is to give children a birthday memory that will last into adulthood. And second, is to make it as easy as possible for the parents to host a great party.

    We host parties 24/7. Post-Proms are in the wee mornings. How the teenagers stay up that late amazes me. I must be getting old.

    We now have a second GameTruck in the Des Moines area so our ability to host parties has doubled. Thanks to everyone who has helped the GameTruck grow!

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