Jellybeanstreet: Art Workshops 4 Kids –

Jellybeanstreet: Art Workshops 4 Kids

Jellybeanstreet is a unique “finger painting” workshop that was created by Ian and Marisa March of Australia.  The couple were searching for a way to preserve their preschoolers finger paintings, Ian a talented graphic designer, decided to take all the finger paintings and transform them into a work of art that could be displayed in their home.

Jellybeanstreet: Art Workshops 4 Kids –

Closer to Des Moines, local mom Stacey Schuurmann owns Jellybeanstreet Iowa and offers classes throughout the metro.  Jellybeanstreet Iowa specializes in art workshops for babies, toddlers and kids, although they will work with all ages that wish to participate.  During the one-hour workshops kids get the chance to use brightly colored non-toxic washable paints and have a lot of fun with all kinds of unique painting “tools” to create their masterpieces.  Some of the unusual tools used include: balloons, toy cars, kitchen utensils and salad spinners.Jellybeanstreet: Art Workshops 4 Kids –

After the workshop, high resolution shots of your child’s artwork are sent off to Jellybeanstreet graphic designers, where it is transformed into several different custom designs. You can purchase your child’s artwork and it is also added to the online Jellybeanstreet gallery for others to view and purchase.  When the artwork is purchased a percentage of the profit goes to a charity of your or your child’s choosing.  When others view and purchase the artwork from the online gallery, like grandparents, a percentage of those profits are also donated to your pre-picked charity.

Jellybeanstreet: Art Workshops 4 Kids –

Stacey invited my daughter and I to attend a workshop in February.  To be honest I wasn’t sure if my nine-year-old would enjoy a “finger painting” class but, the workshop was much more than that and Stacey was great at working with the different age levels in the class. My daughter really loved honing her inner Jackson Pollock by creating several splatter paint art pieces and asked immediately after the class if we could get a salad spinner to make more spin art.   I will recommend having your kiddos (and you) wear clothes that you don’t mind getting paint on.  Smocks are provided, but this is a very interactive and messy class with paint, which might get on clothes.

Jellybeanstreet: Art Workshops 4 Kids –

Jellybeanstreet Iowa workshops are held at local venues like Michael’s or you can book private sessions held at a location of your choice.  Classes cost $30 for kids to attend (parents are FREE).  Schuurmann is working on scheduling April workshops.  You can find them listed on Jellybeanstreet Iowa’s Facebook page or on their website.

Jelly Bean Street Iowa
Phone: (515) 822-5767

What do you think, are your kids ready to get a little messy and dabble in some fun art?  If so, check out Jellybeanstreet Iowa!  

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