Last Minute Gift Ideas 4 Kids & Families in Des Moines -

Last Minute Gift Ideas 4 Kids & Families in Des Moines

If you procrastinated on your holiday shopping or just need a few more ideas, don’t panic. We’ve got you covered with 10 ideas for gifts that aren’t toys and kids will love! 

1. Activities.  Children love spending time with the adults in their lives.  Why not take them out for a fun day enjoying one of their favorite activities?  You can provide a gift card to go bowling, roller skating or buy them a pool pass when it’s a bit closer to summer.

2. Local Attraction Memberships.  These are particularly great for family gifts! Many young families want to enjoy fun outings, but affording them can be a challenge, so give them the gift of a yearly membership to a local attraction.

3. Donate to a Local Charity.  Instead of giving someone a physical gift, it can be a great idea to donate to a cause in their name.  There are several local charities that cater to kids and families in Des Moines.

4. Camps and Classes.  Camps and classes are a great way to encourage kids in their interests and is something that they can enjoy throughout the year.  Sign kids up for music, dance, riding or drawing lessons or provide a gift card to the business that provides the camp or class.

5. A Day of Pampering.  Kids need a little primping and pampering too and will enjoy a relaxing mother daughter outing or just an afternoon of glamour with friends.  You can take your kiddo to get their haircut or out for manis and pedis.

6. Streaming Service Subscriptions.  Why not use some downtime to curl up on the couch and watch some family friendly films? From timeless classics to new animated features streaming services like Netflix or Hulu have hundreds of movies the entire family is sure to enjoy.

7. Events. As kids get older they start to want to attend lots of events. And, having an event to look forward to, no matter your age, makes the rest of life more enjoyable. Movie tickets, or tickets to a play, concert or sports event are great gifts to buy kids and families.

8. Magazine Subscriptions.  Kids love to get things in the mail. Why not encourage their reading by getting them a magazine subscription for something they are interested in?  There are a lot of great options like National Geographic Kids, Sports Illustrated Kids, or Seventeen.

9. Restaurant Cards. Kids enjoy eating out just as much as adults and parents will enjoy the night off!  Restaurant cards give kids the freedom of choosing their favorite place to eat whether it’s ice cream, coffee, or ethnic food — whatever suits their fancy.  And, they may even use it to treat mom or dad.

10. Gym Memberships.  Get your little ones moving and show them that exercise can be fun with a membership to a local fitness center.  Many offer up kid’s programs that inspire kids and parents to get fit with fun, invigorating group camps and classes.



What are your non-toy gift ideas for kids and families in Des Moines?  Share with us in a Comment below.

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