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Let’s Go to the Movies, Des Moines!

Snow. Sleet. Rain. Hail. Temperatures so cold you don’t need an Icee for brain freeze. It’s been a long winter here in Central Iowa. When you want to duck out of the elements — or just cure cabin fever — you can take the fam to the movies.  Here in Des Moines, most of the movie theatres are kid-friendly and run promotions that make ticket prices a bit more affordable.

Blank IMAX Dome Theatre

401 West Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway
Des Moines
Website: http://www.sciowa.org/imax/schedule/
This is one of three IMAX theatres in the state of Iowa.  Whether it’s showing a science documentary or a blockbuster, Blank IMAX makes every film an experience. Be sure to check out their website for details on current shows and to purchase tickets in advance. And, note that IMAX ticket purchases are non-refundable.

Tip: Wednesday After Class – Half price documentary tickets.  Offered during the school year only. Children (ages 2-13) must be accompanied by an adult.

Matinee: Non-Member Adult $9.00/Non-Member Child $7.00

Carmike Cobblestone 9

8501 Hickman Road
Des Moines
Phone: (515) 276-8468
Website: http://www.carmike.com
This is the smallest of the three Carmike theatres in the area.  We like to go here for a cheap low-key movie experience without the crowds.  The theatre has a bit of age on it (I remember attending movies here as a kid). The theatres and screens are a bit on the small side and there is no stadium seating, so the kids may need to sit up front to see.

Tip:  Super Bargain (4:00 -5:30 pm): $4.00 and Tuesday Bargain (all tickets all show times): $4.25

Matinee: Adult and Child $5.50

Carmike Southridge 12

6720 SE 14th Street
Des Moines
Phone: (515) 256-0801
Website: http://www.carmike.com
This theatre is conveniently located near Southridge Mall.  The theatre is clean, there is plenty of parking and is not overly crowded.  The theatre has stadium seating and is a good place to take kids for matinees.

Tip: Super Bargain (4:00-5:30 pm): $5.75

Matinee: Adult $7.50/Child $7.00

Carmike Wynnsong 16

5233 Stoney Creek Court
Phone: (515) 331-3256
Website: http://www.carmike.com
We actually frequent this theatre quite a bit.  It’s not usually busy and we like that it’s conveniently located off the interstate.  There are also quite a few restaurants in the area to grab a quick bite after the show.  The theatres are average sized and have stadium seating.

Tip: Super Bargain (4:00-5:30 pm): $5.75

Matinee: Adult & Child (Sun.-Thur.) $7.00 – Adult (Fri.-Sat.) $7.50/Child (Fri.-Sat.) $7.25

Century 20 Jordan Creek and XD

101 Jordan Creek Parkway
West Des Moines
Phone: (515) 267-8981
Website: http://www.cinemark.com/
Located in Jordan Creek Mall this is the largest and shiniest of the theatres in the area.  This multiplex is guaranteed to have hourly screenings of all of the latest blockbusters and the theatres and screens are huge.  It’s also the busiest and most crowded of the theatres.  We try to go at off hours and avoid Fridays and Saturdays like the plague.

Tip: Tuesday Bargain (all tickets all show times): $4.25 – Early Bird (First Matinee Showtime) $6.75

Matinee: Adult $7.25/Child $7.00

Fleur Cinema & Café

4545 Fleur Drive
Des Moines
Phone: 515-287-4545
Website: http://fleurcinema.com/
If you want to catch the latest indie flick or foreign film this is the place to do it in Des Moines.  Personally, I think this is more of a date night for parents and hesitated to include it on this list.  However, they do show the occasional kid appropriate movie.  While you are there, sample some of their unique movie snacks, such as, gourmet popcorn, adult beverages and decadent desserts.

Tip: The Fleur does ask that parents not bring kids under the age of six to the theatre.

Matinee: Adult and Child $7.00

Flix Brewhouse

3800 Merle Hay Road
Des Moines
Phone: (515) 612-9200
Website: http://www.flixbrewhouse.com/des-moines
Flix Brewhouse is the newest theatre in town.  It’s creating quite a buzz as people seem to love the concept of enjoying craft beer and casual dining while watching the latest flick.  Go figure!  There are eight “dining rooms”, which include stadium seating.  Kids are welcome, but be sure to check out their age policy on their website, as they cannot attend all shows at all times.

Tip: They offer special children’s movies on Saturday mornings at 10:30 am.  Check their events listings on their website.

Matinee: Adult $7.50 & Child $7.25

Fridley Copper Creek 9 Theatres

1325 Copper Creek Drive
Pleasant Hill
Phone: (515) 266-2676
Website: http://www.fridleytheatres.com/pleasanthill.html
Located in Pleasant Hill this theatre is clean and is decent sized with stadium seating.  Except on Friday and Saturday nights, this theatre is not overly busy and is a great place for families to catch the latest kid flick. It’s in a nice location close to restaurants, if you’re looking for a bite to eat before or after the show.

Tip: Receive One Free 46 oz. Popcorn Every Tuesday with Each Paid Admission

Matinee:  Adult and Child $7.00

Fridley Paramount 7 Theatres

105 S. 1st Street
Phone: (515) 961-7250
Website: http://www.fridleytheatres.com/indianola.html
This is the smallest of the Fridley theatres in the area.  It’s located on the square in Indianola and is a nice, clean small town theatre.   Free refills on all drinks and popcorn keep cinema outings affordable for families. Customer experience is the priority, and it shows in the way employees seem to appreciate every person who walks in the door.

Tip: Receive One Free 46 oz. Popcorn Every Tuesday with Each Paid Admission

Matinee:  Adult and Child $6.00

Fridley Springwood 9

2829 S. Ankeny Boulevard
Phone: (515) 964-5500
Website: http://www.fridleytheatres.com/ankeny.html
Located on Ankeny’s south side, this Fridley theatre is well-kept and the staff is friendly.  It is a great place to take the kids for a movie because there are always plenty of show times to pick from and the theatres are rarely full during matinees.  The location of the theatre is a bit out of town, but that allows for plenty of parking.

Tip: Receive One Free 46 oz. Popcorn Every Tuesday with Each Paid Admission

Matinee:  Adult and Child $7.00


What’s your favorite kid-friendly movie theatre in Des Moines? Leave us a comment below and tell us where your family goes to the movies.

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