New Fuel for Back-To-School

New Fuel for Back-To-School

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Back-to school time! Parents, rejoice in the slight reprieve but remember, it won’t last long. Instead of family road-trips this time of year means routine and schedules; drop-offs and pick-ups; caravanning and carpools. It means criss-crossing Central Iowa from one fall activity to the next sporting event. It means a lot of quality time with your crew in a car.

While you cruise round from school to work to practice, consider a fueling with E15, a gasoline blended with 15 percent ethanol. Although many Iowans are fully aware of the benefits of ethanol and have been using E10 for years, the additional benefits of E15 may be news to many.

Three Facts About E15

  • Lower-cost: The costs of consumer goods – from cell phones to clothes – keep going up, but E15 is bucking the trend. Without ethanol, gasoline would cost significantly more than it does today.
  • Environmentally-conscious: The benefits of using this advanced biofuel will be shared by all, even those who aren’t yet using the best energy to power our cars. According to the Department of Energy, ethanol lowers greenhouse gas emissions by 34 percent compared to gasoline. By using E15, drivers will decrease car emissions and improve the quality of the air we breathe every day.
  • Higher-performance: Ethanol is the highest blending octane – the higher the blend, the higher the performance. Since ethanol burns cleaner and cooler than regular gasoline, your engine will thank you. By opting for E15, you will be using a high-octane fuel without the costs associated with traditional premium gasoline. And it’s safe to use in all 21st century cars – in fact, automakers have approved E15 for three-quarters of cars on the road today.

Consider visiting your local Kum & Go to fill up with ethanol and E15 to keep you on the go with fuel that is better for the environment and your wallet. Fill up your next tank at one of the nearly 20 stations offering E15 – with more coming this fall.

Check out to find the closest station to you.


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