Night out at MB2Raceway –

Night Out at MB2 Raceway

Updated January 24, 2019 – MB2 Raceway is now known as Pole Position Raceway. 

By Dave Opfer

Last week I took my son out for an evening of go carting at MB2 Raceway in Grimes. He has been asking for some time to go there and we found a weekday evening that worked perfectly and proved to be a blast for both of us.

Night out at MB2Raceway –
MB2 is an indoor go carting facility that holds a 1/4 mile road course with plenty of twists and turns. While the carts are small, they are surprisingly deceiving with regards to how fast they can go. Just put your foot to the floor and be prepared to rocket around the course!

Night out at MB2Raceway –
I’d heard that it can get fairly busy, but the evening that we went there was not a lot of people and we got right in and raced. Normally the adults drive in a 14 lap race and the juniors will race in a separate 9 lap race, but since there was not a lot of people I was able to race against my son in the junior race. After a quick overview of the car and how to drive we were off for our race and enjoyed a heated battle through all of the corners and straightaways.

There is a benefit in having many years of driving experience and being able to know when to brake and when to floor it. My son was a little wobbly the first few laps and was banging into the tires and even into me a few times but he quickly got the hang of it and was flying around the track.

Night out at MB2Raceway –
After our races we each got a printed race summary sheet that showed the results of our races as well as the lap times for each car and how we progressed throughout the race. It was cool to see how much my son improved each lap and it was a nice souvenir to take home.

Night out at MB2Raceway –
MB2 has a weekday special that gets you two races for $30 which went by way too quick. We both wanted to do it again! In fact when we were leaving I was told this is where my son’s next birthday party is going to be. (I wouldn’t mind having my next birthday there either!).

Night out at MB2Raceway –

Overall this was a great experience and I would highly recommend this for kids of all ages. There is a 48” height requirement but as long as you meet that you can adjust the cart to your needs.

Check out for more details and pricing. 

Pole Position Raceway
1350 SE Gateway Drive #108
Grimes, IA 50111
(515) 986-6006

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