A Perfect Fall Day in Des Moines

A Perfect Fall Day in Des Moines

After summer, fall is my next favorite season in Des Moines. A perfect fall day to me, isn’t anything too complicated.  Something good to eat (always tops on my list😉), a little bit of outdoor time or a quick day trip to a fun local attraction, will do the trick. To help you enjoy the magic of the season, here are few ways to spend a perfect fall day in Des Moines with your family.

A Place to Eat

If we’re talking a “perfect” day here, I’d have to say that I love going out for breakfast.  And, if I’m going out for breakfast, I want/need COFFEE!  Especially, if it’s a crisp fall morning.  If you’re like me, you might want to check out DSM Brew Coffee Company.  They offer any kind of coffee drink you can think up, along with a small selection of pastries and donuts, which are vegan friendly. Jimmy’s Egg in West Des Moines is also another fun place for breakfast.  They have a decent Kid’s Menu and every Kid’s Meal, comes with an egg, of course.

A Place to Play

You can’t think about a perfect fall day without talking about the perfect spot to take in the fall colors.  A great place in Des Moines to check out fall foliage is Greenwood/Ashworth Park.  (We had our family photos taken here, a few years back.)  It’s even more fun for the kids now, thanks to the brand-new playground.  You can check for fish and frogs in the pond, climb up the observation tower or take a walk along the nature trail.  It’s also fun to leisurely cruise through the neighborhoods in this part of town.  They’re just so lovely this time of year.

A Place for a Rainy Day

It’s always good to have a backup plan.  You never know what the finicky fall weather in Des Moines may bring from one day to the next.  A great place to spend a rainy fall day is at the Des Moines Art Center, which is just a stone’s throw from Greenwood/Ashworth Park. The best part is that it’s FREE to visit, so you can feel comfortable spending as much or as little time here as you’d like. To liven up your visit, print out this PDF: Eight Activities for Families with Young Children Visiting the Des Moines Art Center.

A Fun Day Trip

Even though there’s tons of stuff to do during the fall, right here in Des Moines, sometimes you just want to get out of Dodge.  And, fall is such a great time of the year to hit the highway.  If you’re looking for a fun fall day trip, that is just a couple hours from Des Moines, you might want to visit Anamosa during their Pumpkinfest .  They tout that they are the “Pumpkin Capital of Iowa” and the festival is complete with food and craft vendors, kids’ games, one of the largest parades in all of Iowa, and of course, GIANT pumpkins.

We want to know!  How do you spend the perfect fall day in Des Moines? 

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