Pitch Perfect: Voice Lessons and Choirs 4 Kids in Des Moines

Pitch Perfect: Voice Lessons and Choirs 4 Kids in Des Moines

Do you have a kid that loves music and is always in the background belting out “Let it Go” for the 1000th time? Do they sing for family and friends without any prompting? They may benefit from voice lessons which offers a great chance for kids to learn about musicianship.   From participating in school-sponsored programs; to participating in local children’s chorus; or taking private lessons, there are a number of ways kids can sing in Des Moines. 


Most kids and teens get started singing naturally because they feel the need to sing and they think it’s fun. And, study after study has shown that music does more for children than make them happy; it also makes them smarter.  In addition to boosting their brain power, singing may help your child break out of their social shell and help them build confidence.  And, because your voice is your instrument, there are not a lot of equipment purchases that will need to be made!


Schools and churches with choirs are great places for kids to develop their singing voice. This is where the young ear learns fundamental musicianship, harmony, counting, and staying in tune.  Unfortunately, school’s fine arts programs have encountered a number of funding cut backs over the last several years. If your child has no choir opportunities at school or church, you may need to find an alternative or hire a voice coach.  And, if you don’t live close to a voice coach, you may need to travel to get your kids to lessons.

Best For

Singers come in all shapes and sizes and the most unexpected kids can excel.  Each child is different; some love performing and others would rather die than sing in front of people. Learning to perform in front of others is a skill and you must determine how much you can encourage and push your child to perform without creating a negative experience.  Remember that lessons should always be an enjoyable, rewarding experience for kids.

Time Commitment

Younger Kids: During the school year, kids will participate in a one hour weekly rehearsal and attend a few performances throughout the year.

Older Kids:  Kids will need to audition and participate in one and a half to two hour weekly rehearsals and attend a few performances throughout the year.


Kids will need to wear appropriate attire to rehearsals. Costumes and props will generally be provided by the chorus group.


Participating in a youth chorus typically starts at $40 month and goes up to $100+ depending on the choir program your child is participating in.  Voice lessons start at $15 per lesson and can also increase into the hundreds of dollars, depending on your child’s level.  The costs will vary by organization, type of class your child will be taking and the number of children you are enrolling.  Also, choral programs have scholarships available, so be sure to ask for one, if you’re in need.

Local Youth Choruses and Places to Take Voice Lessons

In addition to the companies listed below, schools and churches have a number of choruses available for kids to participate in.  Also, there are a number of private instructors not listed.  A good source of local music instructors is your child’s elementary and secondary music teacher.

Heartland Youth Chorus
Iowa Youth Chorus
Central Iowa Music Lab
Grand Music Studio
Keyboard West Studios
Rieman Music Studio
Rising Stars Youth Show Choir
School of Music and Dance

What are your experiences with voice lessons and youth choirs in Des Moines?

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