Rainy Day Fun in Des Moines

Rainy Day Fun in Des Moines

Even though we’ve been experiencing sunny weather, it will inevitably rain sometime this summer. Don’t let that spoil your fun!  There is plenty of indoor entertainment to be had in Des Moines. Here are just a few ideas to try when the rainy-day blahs kick in.

1. Spend the morning at the museum.

Visit the State Historical Museum of Iowa and check out all of their new exhibits, including the “Hands On” history exhibit.  Young visitors can literally get their hands-on Iowa history by playing with Duplo blocks, creating crayon rubbings of Iowa symbols, playing with a model train and sitting on a historic tractor for a fun photo op.

2. Go climbing.

Help your kids get their exercise in a new and interesting way: rock climbing! We’re talking about Climb Iowa, which is open seven days a week.  If your kids are like mine, they are climbing up the walls by 10:00 am anyway, so they might as well learn to do it with correct foot placement.

3. Try painting pottery.

There’s plenty of paint to keep your kiddos busy and creative on a rainy day at local ceramics and paint-your-own pottery studios in Des Moines.  Bring everyone in the family along – even the little ones will enjoy grabbing a brush and making their own piece of art.

4. Visit the public library.

As you’ve seen in some of our other posts, we promote local libraries a lot, because they are incredible! Virtually every day has some kind of activity for kids to participate in. It’s not all sitting still and story time either, there are music and motion classes and Lego building clubs available depending on the library or day.

5. Get creative at home.

Stop off at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby and pick up a couple of canvases and paints. Set your kids up at a table in front of a window and ask them to paint you a picture of the rain. It’s always amazing what kids see in the everyday things we overlook. Bonus points if your child also knows how to paint with all the colors of the wind.

6. Go ahead and jump.

Let the kiddos climb, jump and slide to their hearts’ content at one of the indoor playgrounds and trampoline parks located in the Des Moines area.  These are excellent places for kids to get the wiggles out indoors on a rainy afternoon.

7. Knock down some pins.

This is a great time to use your Kids Bowl Free Coupons.  Bowling a couple of frames is a great way for kids to while away a rainy day. There’s also no need to head somewhere else if you get hungry and most local bowling alleys have arcade games if you want to change up the fun.

8. Head to the movies.

Going to the movies is a great rainy day stand by and many area theatres offer discounted movies during the week in the summer. Stock up on popcorn and treats, and get ready for a few hours of relaxation and entertainment.

9. Go under the dome.

The weather is perfect in the Des Moines Botanical Garden’s dome 365 days a year.  You can peruse their indoor gardens and be sure to check their website to see if they have any special activities like story time or youth workshops scheduled on the day of your visit.

10. Lace up your skates.

I can’t imagine a more fun rainy-day activity than going roller skating.  If you haven’t taken your kids roller skating before, a rainy da is a great opportunity to introduce them to some old school fun.



How does your family have a little rainy day fun in Des Moines?

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