Sargent Park is a Hit on Hot Summer Days

Sargent Park is a Hit on Hot Summer Days

Itching to get the kids outside and partake in some sort of recreational activity? Check out Sargent Park, which is home to Des Moines’ first natural playscape. With its native vegetation and proximity to Four Mile Creek, the Park, boasts a variety of ways for young outdoor-enthusiasts to pass the time. Got a climber?  There’s plenty of natural structures for kids to ascend and conquer. If you like to walk, there’s a nice path that meanders around the park. And, another really cool thing? The park has a sprayground and creek access.

Sargent Park is a Hit on Hot Summer Days -

Sargent Park is Best For

All ages will enjoy the park, but kids ages 3 to 10 will truly appreciate the climbing features, water access and openness of the park.

Sargent Park is a Hit on Hot Summer Days -

Why Kids Love Sargent Park

This is not your grandma’s playground (or maybe it is:). It doesn’t have typical park “equipment”, but it does have a hillside slide, log scramble and offers a wide variety of activities for kids. A natural playscape frees children’s imagination as they roll down hills, scramble up rocks, dam up water and hide in grass. What more could kids want?

What it’s Got

Log Scramble, Rock Climb Scramble, Hillside Slide, Jump Wall, Toddler Play Area, Hollow Log, Cargo Net Bridge, Wood Bridge, Climbing Boulder, Tunnel and Sun Dial.

Sargent Park is a Hit on Hot Summer Days -

Why Parents Love Sargent Park

Kids are having fun and getting dirty. And more often, than not, parents are too. The natural playscape at Sargent Park, is a great way to get kids out in nature in a contained, safe and accessible setting. The path around the park makes for a nice stroll when your kids are done splashing, swinging and climbing. And if your preschooler wants to run ahead, let him — he can run all the way around the playscape without ever getting out of your sight.

Good to Know

There are always several parking spots available. There are also public restrooms, a covered shelter, picnic tables, and drinking fountain.  The park is open from sun up to sun down.

Sargent Park Natural Playscape

3500 E Douglas Avenue
Des Moines, IA 50317



Have you been to Sargent Park?  What are your favorite things about it?

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