Say, “Thank You Santa!” with a FREE Printable from dsm4kids -

Say, “Thank You Santa!” with a FREE Printable from dsm4kids

The other morning my daughter and I were having a conversation at breakfast and she mentioned something about sending Santa a Christmas Card.  My reaction, “Umm, you didn’t send Santa a Christmas card, you sent him a list of things you want.” “That’s not the same thing.”  Her response, “Well, I told him Merry Christmas.”  Ugh! 

After having a conversation about why we send Christmas Cards to our friends and relatives, I started thinking about how we can show Santa a little more appreciation.  Of course, Santa delivers toys to good girls and boys all over the world and does it out of the goodness of his heart. But, that doesn’t mean he’s not deserving of a little acknowledgement for his efforts and maybe even a Thank You!

This year we’re going to start a new tradition of leaving a Thank You note to Santa along with his cookies and Coke :).  And, we’re also going to leave a little something for the reindeer.  Pulling that sleigh all over the world is not an easy job and deserves a few props too!  Of course, I had to create some “Thank You Santa” stationery and a “Reindeer Food” tag for the occasion.

Thank You Santa Stationery

If you want your kiddos to show Santa a little more love, download the PDF and have them leave him a little note on Christmas Eve.  Enjoy!

Say, “Thank You Santa!” with a FREE Printable from dsm4kids –

Reindeer Food Recipe

  1. Mix oats or granola with a little decorative sugar or sprinkles then mix or shake until combined.
  2. Spoon into a snack-size baggie and seal.
  3. Print our sheet of FREE Reindeer food labels, cut out one label and attach to bag of oats using a stapler.

Say, “Thank You Santa!” with a FREE Printable from dsm4kids –


FREE Santa & Reindeer Food Thank You Printables

Download Here: 12-21-16-santa-thank-you-free-printables




Do your kiddos leave Santa a Thank You note?  Let us know!

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