Sport Spotlight: Lacrosse 4 Kids in Des Moines

Sport Spotlight: Lacrosse 4 Kids in Des Moines

Lacrosse is truly an American sport. It was one of many stickball games being played by Native Americans at the time of European contact.  It was so popular in fact that many sports historians consider it the original national pastime. Today Lacrosse has become popular with high schools, colleges, and has had some success as a professional sport. There are a few youth Lacrosse programs offered for a variety of ages and skill levels here in Des Moines.


To play Lacrosse, competitors use a long stick with a net on the end of it to get a rubber ball into a goal. Players can run, carry, catch, shoot, and pass the ball with the net of the stick. Lacrosse is a very athletic team sport in which players develop speed, stamina and self-control.


Not unlike Hockey, the sport of Lacrosse requires quite a bit of equipment that will need to be purchased and stored.  It’s also not one of the more popular sports and to find a league or team to play on may not be easy or may not be near where you live. There are also many noticeable differences between men’s and women’s Lacrosse. The men’s game allows a lot more contact so they wear more protective equipment.

Best For

There is a lot of running in Lacrosse and speed and endurance are great assets to the Lacrosse player. Passing is also essential to the sport, so strategy and teamwork are also very important. Although it looks more like hockey or soccer, Lacrosse also has a lot in common with basketball. Offensive moves can include fast breaks and picks, while defensive strategies can include zone or person-to-person.  So, if you have a kid that loves to play soccer, hockey and basketball than this is the game for them!

Time Commitment

Recreation League: Generally practice once or twice a week for an hour or so and have one game per weekend during the season.

Competitive League: May practice several times a week and sometimes will have weekend games or tournaments you may need to travel to.


Both Men and Women

  • Lacrosse Stick
  • Goggles
  • Mouth Guard
  • Gloves
  • Cleats
  • Uniform

Men Only

  • Helmet
  • Shoulder Pads
  • Arm/Elbow Pads


  • Club Membership: Varies depending on the club.
  • Travel Expenses: $100-$500 average per event
  • Lacrosse Stick: $25+
  • Goggles: $20+
  • Mouth Guard: $10+
  • Gloves: $25+
  • Cleats: $40+
  • Uniform: May or may not be provided.
  • Helmet: $100+
  • Shoulder Pads: $30+
  • Arm/Elbow Pads: $25+

Fees vary according to what is provided by the organizing entity.  Please keep in mind some fees are one time, others are recurring.  All costs are approximate.  As with any activity, as your child progresses, only your family can choose what you will spend in relation to your child’s specific goals within the sport whether competitively or recreationally.


There are a few places where kids can learn to play Lacrosse in the Des Moines metro area.

Ankeny Lacrosse – Ankeny
Start Smart Lacrosse Parent/Child Program Ankeny Parks and Recreation – Ankeny
LAX/Sportsplex West – Waukee
Walnut Creek YMCA – West Des Moines
Waukee Lacrosse – Waukee
West Des Moines Lacrosse Club – West Des Moines


What do you think, is Lacrosse a fit for your kid?

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