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2019: FREE & Cheap Indoor Summer Movies for DSM Kids –

During the summer, families try to pack their free time with stimulating activities to break up those “endless” days. Movies are always a good bet to break up the monotony. But before you go into hock taking the kids to your local cineplex, did you know that you can catch family movies for FREE (or on the cheap) during the summer? Continue Reading…

Let’s Go to the Movies, Des Moines! -

Updated December 26, 2018

Snow. Sleet. Rain. Hail. Temperatures so cold you don’t need an Icee for brain freeze. It’s been a long winter here in Central Iowa. When you want to duck out of the elements — or just cure cabin fever — you can take the fam to the movies.  Here in Des Moines, most of the movie theatres are kid-friendly and run promotions that make ticket prices a bit more affordable.  Here’s a roundup of where you can take the family out to a movie this winter in Des Moines. Continue Reading…