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Snowboarding for kids in Des Moines, IA

2018 Ice Skating & Winter Sports in Des Moines –

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There are officially 90 days of winter (which can seem like a long time) so why not embrace the cold and snow and make the most of what this season has to offer? There’s no better way to enjoy a winter day than taking a spin on the ice, racing down a hill on skis or a snow tube with your children squealing in delight. Check out these spots where you can go ice skating and enjoy winter sports in Des Moines. Continue Reading…

Sport Spotlight: Winter Ski Sports in Des Moines -

Did you know that the ski was invented before the wheel? Skies were used in prehistoric times as a mode of transportation and survival. Today skiing has become a highly competitive sport and winter pastime. This time of year presents a terrific opportunity to introduce the sport to your child.  There are a few places where youth can learn more about downhill skiing, snowboarding and cross-country skiing in Des Moines. Continue Reading…