Taking Center Stage: Drama Classes 4 Kids in Des Moines

Taking Center Stage: Drama Classes 4 Kids in Des Moines

Do you have a kid at home that loves being the center of attention? Or, one that needs a little coaxing out of their shell?  Drama classes can benefit both.  From participating in school-sponsored programs to taking a class with a local theater company, there are a number of ways kids can be dramatic in Des Moines.


Drama classes can benefit kids in a number of ways.  They can help kids learn about communication, speaking and can help build their self-esteem.  Kids develop social skills, as actors must work together.   And, it is proven that kids that give their imagination a work out through role playing go on to be more creative professionals and adults.   It is also a thrill for kids to perform in front of a live audience.  We’re lucky that there are several places where kids can get involved with theater in Central Iowa.


Even though there is a lot of comradery in theater, drama is a competitive art.  When kids are younger everyone gets a role in the production.  As kids get older they will need to start auditioning for parts.  Obviously, some kids will get picked and others won’t.  If your child is not emotionally prepared, not being selected can hurt their confidence and make them reluctant to participate again.  On the flip side, if your child does get a major role in a play, it can be a big time commitment, with evening and weekend rehearsals and then participating in the production itself.

Best For

Actors come in all shapes and sizes and the most unexpected kids can excel and flourish in theater.  However, out-going kids as well as reserved kids, need to be willing to listen to others, take direction and learn from their mistakes.  Kids that don’t take direction well, may struggle.

Time Commitment

Younger Kids: During the school year, one-hour classes meet once a week for 4-6 weeks with a performance presented on the final day of class.  During the summer, one-hour classes meet daily for a week with a performance presented on the final day of class.

Older Kids: Kids will need to audition, memorize lines, attend rehearsal and participate in the final performance.  During the school year, two-hour classes meet once or twice a week for 4-6 weeks.  A week or two before final performance kids will rehearse daily.  During the summer, classes meet for several hours daily for one to two weeks with a final performance on the final day or following weekend.

If kids participate in a major theater production, you can anticipate an 8-12 week time commitment.


Kids will need to wear appropriate attire to rehearsals. Costumes and props will generally be provided by the theater company or organization that is presenting the class.


Drama classes typically cost $100 to $200 per session (not per class).  The costs will vary by organization, type of class your child will be taking and the number of children you are enrolling.  Also, some theaters and programs have scholarships available, so be sure to ask for one, if you’re in need.

Local Theater Companies

In addition to the companies listed below, local libraries, schools through their community education programs and parks and recreations departments also offer drama classes.

How dramatic are your kids?

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