Valentine’s Day Classroom Party Ideas –

Valentine’s Day Classroom Party Ideas

For most of us, the Valentine’s Party signifies the end of the class room parties for the school year.  Bravo!  Kudos to all of you Room Parents (a.k.a., room moms, classroom aides, volunteer coordinators, party planners) for bringing a little fun to school!  You’re almost done! To help you round out the year, we’ve come up with a few Valentine’s themed snack ideas and activities.  Here’s how to plan a sweet school Valentine’s Day party for your child’s class.

Party Planning Checklist

Schedule and Coordinate

Make sure everybody knows what day and time the party is scheduled for. If you are the Room Parent you will also need to coordinate all the party essentials (parent volunteers, snacks, crafts, supplies, etc). Here is an initial sample email and a final sample email to help you get started. 02.05.06 Classroom Party Initial Email to Party Planners 02.05.16 Classroom Party Planner Final Email

Verify Valentine Details 

Be sure to check with the classroom teacher about how the actual Valentine’s will be distributed or if the class will even be trading Valentine’s.  Some teachers like to include the Valentine exchange as part of the party, others don’t.  You’ll also want to check with the teacher about what the class will be doing for a container to hold the Valentine’s. Some teachers have the kids make something at home, others make something at school. If nothing is being done, consider that an option for a craft.  And, lastly be sure to ask what can be included with Valentine’s.  Our school has gone to a no food/candy policy.  Only small trinkets; like stickers, tattoos, pencils etc. are allowed to be distributed with the Valentine’s.

Snack Station

Valentine’s conjures up thoughts of chocolate and sweet treats, but many teachers encourage at least one healthy snack option to be offered at classroom parties these days.  Just because a snack is healthy, doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. Also, be sure to plan a menu that accommodates any student with dietary restrictions or allergies.  Some Valentine’s inspired snack ideas:

Valentine’s Day Classroom Party Ideas –

Image Source Lizard n Lady Bug

Love Kabobs

Ingredients: Strawberries, grapes, cut up pineapple, gummy candies, marshmallow…about anything you can think of.  You can pre-make the kabobs at home or have the kids assemble them at the party if there’s enough time.

Valentine’s Day Classroom Party Ideas –

Image Source Happy Money Saver


Ingredients: Tangerines.  Dress them up with a cute Valentine sticker.

Valentine’s Day Classroom Party Ideas –

Image Source Rachel Cooks


Ingredients: Strawberries, Bananas, Marshmallows, and Chocolate. Heat chocolate in a crock pot, kids place fruit & other treats on skewers and dip into the chocolate.

Craft Station

It’s easy to find Valentine’s crafts that kids will love.  There are so many fun ways to decorate and celebrate with hearts. Some fun Valentine’s themed crafts:

Valentine’s Day Classroom Party Ideas –

Image Source

Tissue Paper Flowers

Depending on if you are working with younger kids or older kids, you might be able to complete just one flower or a whole bouquet.  Tissue paper flowers also make a great gift for the kiddos to take home and give to their parents.

Valentine’s Day Classroom Party Ideas –

Image Source Craft Factory

Heart Shaped Bird Feeders

Show a little love to our feathered friends.  This is a super simple craft.  Shape pipe cleaners into hearts and then thread oat cereal or fruity O’s onto them.  Tie a string to the bird feeder, so that it can be hung outside.

Valentine’s Day Classroom Party Ideas –

Image Source BCI Crafts

Bottle Cap Necklace

Kids can make the necklace for their sweetie or to keep for themselves.  Bottle Cap Necklaces are pretty easy to make.  You will need bottle caps, stickers or cutouts, a necklace chain, and modge podge.  You could also make magnets instead of the necklace.

Game Station

Get kids moving with some fun Valentine’s inspired games.

Matchmaker Make Me a Match

Valentine’s Day Classroom Party Ideas –

Image Source Clip Art Panda

Print out pics of famous couples ie Mickey and Minnie, give one pic to each kid and then they have to find their match.

 Valentine’s Day Classroom Party Ideas –

Image Source Pinterest

Valentine Love Hunt

Hide heart shaped sticky notes or heart shaped cut outs around the game station area for the kids to find.  The one who finds the most can win a special prize.

Valentine’s Day Classroom Party Ideas –

Image Source Pinterest

Stop in the Name of Love

Tape numbered hearts to the floor.  Have each kid stand on a heart, explain the game rules and start the music. When the music is played the kids walk around the circle on the hearts. When the music stops, so do the players. Draw a number  to see who wins. The player whose number is drawn wins a prize.

Incorporate Giving

Valentine’s is all about love, right?  So, why not spread a little around by incorporating a service project into the classroom celebration? Consider making Valentine’s as a station and then deliver them to nursing homes, shelters, children’s hospitals, hospice, food pantries, or send them to troops. Another good service project, is to collect gently used books that can be given to the same organizations listed above.


Some parties have a “goody bag” or provide prizes at the Game station for kids to take home.  You will want to find out if this is something that is typically done at classroom parties at your school.  The prizes do not need to be elaborate, think fun, but useful school supplies like pencils, stickers, erasers, notepads, etc.


What are your tips for hosting a Valentine’s Day classroom party?

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