5 Ways to Support Des Moines Area Small Businesses While Stuck at Home

5 Ways to Support Des Moines Area Small Businesses While Stuck at Home

Small businesses are the backbones of many communities and Des Moines is no exception.  We have so many amazing local restaurants and businesses here and now is the time for all of us to come together and help them as best as we can. Closures, due to the Coronavirus pandemic is forcing local business owners to offer alternative ways to keep their businesses afloat — and keep their staff paid — while we all face these uncertain times.

Here’s what you can do to continue to support your favorite local Des Moines area businesses:

Buy Gift Cards, Tickets and Memberships

You know you’ll be back to visit your favorite restaurants, shops, attractions and events when things are back up and running, so purchasing gift cards or tickets now online or by phone is a great way to help out.  If you can afford it, maintaining your membership or purchasing one now, will also be a big help. 

Shop by Phone

Not all small businesses have an on-line presence, but many would be happy to help you out over the phone. And, many businesses are getting creative with curb side pick ups or even free deliveries if it’s within the Des Moines metro area.

Shop Online

If you have the means, treat yourself — this is your chance to shop from home with zero guilt, because it’s the right thing to do. Just remember to choose local over big-box stores!

5 Ways to Support Des Moines Area Small Businesses While Stuck at Home – dsm4kids.com

Eat Out At Home

Many local restaurants that didn’t previously offer carry-out options are now offering them. They’re also offering take-out orders and curb side pickup. Additionally, a few restaurants are offering weekly, and sometimes daily, special-order meal kits for pick-up and delivery. 

Maintain Social Media Contact

Keeping in contact with stores through social media allows you to know how the store is doing, when events have been rescheduled or canceled and when sales or specials are posted. It’s also a great way to give them a shout out and a few kind words of support!



How is your family trying to help out local businesses during this difficult time?

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