9 Fall Themed Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

9 Fall Themed Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

With fall knocking at the door, it’s time to say goodbye to pool parties and hello to awesome autumn-themed birthday parties perfect for the crisp weather ahead. If your child is having a birthday this fall, celebrate the season with our round-up of 9 festive themed parties. Read on to discover our fave fall birthday themes that anyone can pull off! 

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Here’s 9 fall themed birthday party ideas for kids:

#1 Apple Time

This birthday party theme is just as sweet as apple pie! Not to mention apple cupcakes, apple cookies, apple donuts… you get the picture.  We have a few fun apple themed party ideas in our article Apple of My Eye: Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids”.

#2 Cowgirl or Cowboy Party

Howdy pardners! It’s time to round up all the cowboys and cowgirls for a western theme birthday party. Whether your child is into rodeo, horses, or the wild west, this is a fun party for everyone. So saddle up and put on your favorite hat, you’ve got a party to plan.

#3 Magic, Mystery and Muggles

The next best thing to a letter from Hogwart’s might be a Harry Potter-themed birthday party. Check out our wizard themed party for inspiration. Make your own wands, play Quittich and send your guests home with their own personal stash of candies from Honeyduke’s.

#4 Pumpkin Patch

Gather up your fave seasonal decor—pumpkins, scarecrows and a hay bale or two—and you’ll be party-ready in a snap. Not up to playing farmer this year? Reach out to a local pumpkin patch like The Pumpkin Ranch in Winterset and host the birthday party there.

9 Fall Themed Birthday Party Ideas for Kids – dsm4kids.com

#5 Game On

Invite your kids’ friends over for an afternoon of gaming in your driveway! The Game Truck Des Moines provides the entertainment, you just need to provide a few snacks. Plus, we’ve got you covered with full details on a Game Truck Themed Birthday Party.

#6 Artsy Autumn

Put a fall spin on an art-themed party.  Find some fun craft activities on Pinterest and host a party at home or leave the clean up to the pros at a local pottery studio or art studio in Des Moines.

#7 On the Hunt

It’s easy to host an outdoor scavenger hunt party in the fall, even if the weather’s chilly. Create a list of items around your neighborhood or use a pre-made one. Another idea is to make your hunt high-tech with Geocaches.  

#8 Touchdown Tailgate

If fall at your house means football, why not throw a football themed birthday party? Invite your kids’ friends over to watch a big game or attend a local college game.  We’ve got some great ideas for tailgating with kids.

#9 Woodland Wander

Nature themes for a fall birthday party are a sure bet.  The Raccoon River Park Nature Lodge in West Des Moines makes a great place to host a party.  You can choose from a variety of party themes for kids ages five to seven years old.



What’s your suggestion for a fun fall themed birthday party for kids?  Let us know in the Comments below!

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  1. BIRTHDAY THEMES are really a thing I am coming to terms with. Now I have to plan my sweetie's party and I want a themed one. Before I went through this article, I was at a loss on what kind of theme to use that would be both unique and fun for everyone to enjoy. I must say that I am very inspired now by the themes I have seen here. Here has provided me with a lot of options to pick from and I already see this party being 'lit'. Kudos to the writer for this insight.

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