Celebrate Sesame Street’s 50th Birthday

Celebrate Sesame Street’s 50th Birthday

It’s hard to believe that Sesame Street has been educating and entertaining kids for 50 years!  I watched it as a kid growing up and my kids also watched it. The iconic show kicked off their year long celebration in February and it will wind down on November 17th  with a prime-time TV special on PBS. If you’re wanting to make that viewing a little more memorable here’s some fun ideas to celebrate along with all of you and your kids’ favorite Sesame Street characters.

Celebrate Sesame Street’s 50th Birthday – dsm4kids.com

Here’s a few ideas to celebrate Sesame Street’s 50th Birthday:

Celebrate Sesame Street’s 50th Birthday – dsm4kids.com
Image source https://www.justmeasuringup.com/sesame-street-party/

Sesame Street Themed Decorations

Just Measuring Up blog has tons of Sesame Street inspired birthday party ideas, including some cute party décor ideas and printables.  Use the Printable Halloween Masks from SesameStreet.org to recreate some of the same decorations or create your own.

Celebrate Sesame Street’s 50th Birthday – dsm4kids.com
Image source https://www.theproducemoms.com/2012/08/07/party-time-festive-fruit-veggie-trays/

Sesame Street Themed Food

Fun Fruit and Veggie Trays

These party trays from The Produce Moms are adorable and totally doable and could be scaled down to a toddler sized plate.

Birthday Cake or Cupcakes

It is a birthday celebration after all, so serving a little cake would be totally appropriate. 

Celebrate Sesame Street’s 50th Birthday – dsm4kids.com
Image source SesameStreet.org

Sesame Street Themed Games

There’s no need to do anything too complicated but incorporating either a little movement or thought-provoking activity will make the celebration a little more fun.  A few ideas include:

    • Ernie’s Rubber Ducky Hunt – hide rubber duckies around the house or outside.
    • Oscar’s Trash Can Toss – use an old pail and throw wadded up newspaper or other “trash” into the receptacle.
    • Elmo Says – Play just like “Simon Says”.
    • SesameStreet.org – Cut, color, fold, and learn with printable activities you can do at home.



Will you be celebrating along with the Sesame Street gang this November?

Featured image source Sesame Workshop.

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