Clubs & Organizations

Clubs and Organizztions for Kids in Des Moines

Clubs & Organizations 4 Kids in Des Moines

Are you looking for a fun club or organization for your kiddo to join in Des Moines? Youth Groups and Organizations are a safe place for kids to learn and grow—all while having fun. Find informaion about local clubs and organizations for kids in Des Moines.

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Youth Groups

Youth Groups & You: Community Youth Concepts

Youth Groups & You: Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Iowa

Youth Groups & You: Camp Fire Heart of Iowa

Special Olympics 4 Kids in Central Iowa

Youth Groups & You: Boys & Girls Club of Central Iowa

Youth Groups & You: 4-H

Youth Groups & You: Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa

Finding Play Groups 4 Kids (& Parents) in Des Moines

Youth Groups & You: Boy Scouts of America in Central Iowa

Volunteer Opportunities

Family Volunteer Opportunities in Des Moines

Give Back to Your Community this Holiday Season in Des Moines

Community Service Opportunities for Families & Teens in Des Moines

Volunteer and Community Service Opportunities in Des Moines

Volunteer Opportunities 4 Families in Des Moines

Children’s Organizations

Variety – the Children’s Charity of Iowa Summer Volunteer Opportunities

Spring Cleaning: Where to Donate or Recycle Your Kid Clutter

Helping Kids Cope with Tragedy

7 Places to Donate Gently Used Kid’s Clothing in Des Moines

5 Places to Donate Gently Used Toys in Des Moines

Homeless Kids & Families in Des Moines

Charities That Help Kids and Families in Des Moines

Book Nook: Everybody Wins Iowa!

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