Public Night

March 20, 2020 @ 8:00 pm
Drake Municipal Observatory
4898 Observatory Road
Des Moines, IA 50311
Drake Municipal Observatory
1-800-44-DRAKE (37253)

As always, the lectures begin at 8:00 pm and sky viewing (if clear) are open and free to all.

Drake Municipal Observatory

2020 Lecture Series

The term “20-20” is a synonym for having clear vision.  For the year 2020 the Drake Observatory lecture series will present a clear vision of our Solar System.  During the coming year we will follow the birth, formation, exploration and subsequent fanciful missions to the far reaches of our solar system including a stop at each of the planets, dwarf planets and some of the comets.

Spring: “On The Orion Spur” The formation of a solar system and its evolution.

Summer: “Taking A Closer Look” The actual investigation of our Solar System by probes.

Fall: “Potatoes On Mars / Tube Worms on Titan” Living environments on the other celestial bodies.

Spring Lecture Series

On The Orion Spur

March 20:    

Happy Birthday:   A 3rd Generation star that formed in some backwater subdivision of a medium sized galaxy with all the “right stuff” to make us.

March 27:    

Gravity Wells and Bathtubs:   A close look on how to construct a Solar System.

April 3:         

Spinning Globes of Glowing Goo:  Planets start off looking the same, but are quickly separated by their make-up.

April 10:       

A Fortuitous Hit: Weighing more than twice all the other planets combined there are times when being the bully is a good thing.

April 17:       

A Violent Childhood:   Growing up in a new neighborhood can be difficult.

April 24:       

Epochs Of Change:   The most consistent feature of our solar system is change. Change starts and ends with the Sun.

May 1:           

The Miracle Of Water:   Once believed to be only on the Earth, this complex molecule has been found everywhere.

May 8:           

Other Solar Systems:  It has been shown that virtually every star has a solar system.