How to Prepare for Your Family Photo Shoot

How to Prepare for Your Family Photo Shoot

By Cherrie’ Photography

Spring and summer is a great time of year to have family photos taken. Mother Nature provides the lush blooming outdoor background and natural light, and your photographer has the keen eye to take advantage of it. But, now you keep asking yourself questions (in a panicky voice): What will everyone wear? How will I get the kids to behave? What if the baby won’t stop drooling? No need to panic. Professional photographer Samantha Davidson of Cherrie’ Photography has four tips for getting the most out of your family photo shoot experience, panic-free.

4 tips to prepare for your families next photo shoot:

1. Choose clothing carefully.

Long gone is the look of a whole family in khaki pants and white polos. I recommend a coordinated look while avoiding looking “matchy matchy.” Think similar, coordinating colors but with the same pop of color here and there!!

How to Prepare for Your Family Photo Shoot – dsm4kids.comHow to Prepare for Your Family Photo Shoot –

How to Prepare for Your Family Photo Shoot –

2. Timing is everything.

It is best to shoot a few hours before sunset or right after the sun rises, make sure to have a strict plan in place ahead of time on meal times, snacks, naps etc the day of the shoot to make it run as smoothly as possible for your little ones!

3. Be candid.

Don’t be afraid of candid photos. While I do some posing during your session, a lot of it will be very natural interactive moments between you and your family. If your child is seeming uncooperative and not wanting to look at the camera, continue laughing and playing. Most of my favorite family shots are when everyone is laughing amongst each other.

How to Prepare for Your Family Photo Shoot – How to Prepare for Your Family Photo Shoot –

How to Prepare for Your Family Photo Shoot –     How to Prepare for Your Family Photo Shoot –

4. Be prepared.

Pack a little bag of necessities. I recommend bringing some type of little snack just in case your children need a break (non-messy snacks like goldfish or pretzels are great), a favorite toy and an outfit change just in case! An IPAD with favorite shows or movies loaded in case they need a little breaker to calm down OR to have you hold above and behind me to get your kiddo to focus on the camera!

About  Cherrie’ Photography

How to Prepare for Your Family Photo Shoot –

Samantha Davidson is a fine art photographer from Elkhart Iowa and shoots in several areas including Ankeny, Ames, Des Moines, Urbandale etc. and has a studio in Ankeny.

Cherrie’ Photography covers a wide range of sessions including children, family, lifestyle newborn, seniors, engagements and maternity.

I’ve always been obsessed with photos…I as a kid LOVED to look back at the old family photos in the old books and it always made me so happy and giddy to see all those memories and feel all the emotions flooding me with all that love that was created in an image… You know how some people say certain smells or music bring back memories and make them happy? Well, photos is what does it for me! It’s a true passion for me and because I am a bit of a perfectionist, your guaranteed to have some AMAZING photos that you can look back on for many years down the road! (No shortcuts taken over here!).

I am a mama to a 2 1/2 year old (we lovingly call our “Chucky Doll” and “Sour Patch Kid”)  and also have TWO big fur babies..Teddy (black lab) and Honey (Britteny Spaniel) who both adore their little human sister 🙂

When you meet me, hopefully you’ll be instantly put at ease….life is too short to stress or think too much about your photos…so I am probably one of the biggest goofballs your going to meet…I get excited and most of the time that means I start to ramble my words, jump up and down, say the most random things (which works in my favor because generally your going to laugh at it and I can capture that with my camera!!!). See more on Cherrie’ Photography’s Facebook page.


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