Questions to Ask Before Sending Your Kid Off to Summer Camp

Questions to Ask Before Sending Your Kid Off to Summer Camp

Even though we are still watching the weather for snowfall predictions every day, summer is rapidly approaching. Hallelujah! And now is the time to begin choosing which summer camp your kiddos will attend. Whether your child is interested in music or sports, or you’re looking for an overnight camp or a day camp, we’ve come up with a few questions to help you pick the right summer camp for your kid. 

Summer Day Camp

  • What are the camp hours? Are there any holidays they are not open? Many day camps offer extended hours for working parents, both before and after camp.
  • Does the camp provide transportation? Ask about costs, whether vans or buses have seat belts and the experience of the drivers.
  • Is lunch provided? If so, does it cost extra? Inform the camp about food allergies. If children must bring their own lunches, are they refrigerated? Does the day camp provide snacks?
  • What is the daily schedule? What activities will your child be able to participate in? How much time is structured? How much is free time?
  • How are children grouped together?
  • What’s the staff to day camper ratio and how old are the counselors?
  • How is discipline handled?
  • How does the day camp accommodate special needs? Including medical, behavioral, and others?

Summer Overnight Camp

  • Is the director on site? Can your child go to the director if he or she has a problem?
  • How often can you call your child? Can your child call you when they want? Find out who you should contact to inquire about difficulties your child may be having or to find out how your child is doing.
  • What is the camp’s cell phone/technology policy?
  • What are the accommodations (tent, cabin)? Are the living quarters comfortable and sanitary? Are there bathroom facilities and electricity?
  • Is there someone responsible for campers at all times? How are the overnight campers monitored?
  • Find out how counselors handle campers’ problems, such as homesickness or disagreements with other campers.
  • Are there any special traditions or events that you or your child need to be aware of?
  • What do children need to bring with them?
  • What kind of camper is most likely to have a good experience at the camp?
  • What does a typical day or week of camp look like? What is the schedule?
  • Can students request a roommate? What happens if they don’t like their roommate?
  • How are medical issues and emergencies handled?


    What other questions do you have about finding the right camp for your kid?

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