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100 Summer Boredom Busters 4 Kids

Now that school has been out for a couple of weeks, the inevitable words “Mom, I’m bored” may have been overheard at your house.  I am of a mindset that kids don’t need to be entertained all day long.  Oh, I’m not saying it’s a bad thing to have some structured activities planned, but part of the fun of being a kid in the summer is the extra free time you get to enjoy. 

I get it, there comes a time when kids just run out of ideas.  So, I thought this was a great time to come up with a list of summer boredom busters for kids.  I also set a few parameters: activities must need minimal or no assistance from an adult; aren’t chores (are activities the kids will want to do) and includes both inside and outside activities.

I also went ahead a created a FREE printable, so you can have it handy when you need it.  I’ve also seen creative ideas where people cut up the activities and then let kids pull one out of a jar, just to add to the fun.

100 Summer Boredom Busters 4 Kids - dsm4kids.com

Here’s 100 summer boredom busters for kids: 

  1. Jump rope
  2. Set up an outdoor obstacle course
  3. Have a water balloon or gun fight
  4. Have a dance party
  5. Bake cookies for the neighbors
  6. Paint a picture
  7. Wash the car
  8. Have a talent show
  9. Make up a new drink
  10. Go on a bug hunt
  11. Color something
  12. Run in the sprinklers
  13. Play hide and go seek
  14. Write a letter to someone (and then mail it)
  15. Learn a new magic trick
  16. Have a staring and laughing contest
  17. Play a board game
  18. Take a walk around the block
  19. Ride your bike (scooter or skateboard)
  20. Read a book
  21. Slip & Slide
  22. Find figures in the clouds
  23. Read joke books and tell jokes
  24. Write a script
  25. Make a movie
  26. Complete a puzzle
  27. Bake a cake and decorate it
  28. Write a story about your summer
  29. Fly a kite
  30. Build a fort
  31. Make paper airplanes
  32. Go on a scavenger hunt
  33. Watch a movie
  34. Play cards
  35. Blow bubbles
  36. Make shadow puppets
  37. Draw with sidewalk chalk
  38. Play catch
  39. Play the Silent Game:)
  40. Build something with boxes
  41. Climb a tree
  42. Throw a Frisbee
  43. Host a tea party
  44. Write a poem
  45. Walk the dog
  46. Play charades
  47. Do the Running Man or learn how to Dab
  48. Play with toys
  49. Electronics Time
  50. Write five things you love about your family
  51. Draw a map
  52. Find out how many bones are in the human body
  53. Do a science experiment
  54. Make popcorn
  55. Take pictures with a camera
  56. Write a menu for lunch or dinner
  57. Play pretend (kitchen, school, pirates, cowboys, etc)
  58. Get crafty and make something
  59. Play dress up and have a costume parade
  60. Follow a no-bake recipe
  61. String together macaroni and make jewelry
  62. Write letters to soldiers (and then mail them)
  63. Create a secret handshake
  64. Make a cootie catcher
  65. Choreograph a dance, cheer or baton routine
  66. Play “Mother, May I”
  67. Practice saying the 50 states (or presidents)
  68. Make up your own Mad Libs
  69. Play Sudoku, crosswords and word searches
  70. Play basketball or a game of HORSE
  71. Hula hoop
  72. Put together a band (use play instruments or pots and pans)
  73. Find and count all of your loose change or money
  74. Give the dog a bath
  75. Look at old family photos
  76. Learn sign language
  77. Practice cartwheels, somersaults and handstands in the backyard
  78. Sing or karaoke
  79. Play soccer
  80. Learn Spanish (or another language)
  81. Do jumping jacks
  82. Put on a puppet show
  83. Swing
  84. Have a spelling bee
  85. Play hangman
  86. Sculpt with clay or play doh
  87. Play beauty salon or have a spa day
  88. Write and illustrate a comic book
  89. Make invisible ink and write with it
  90. Build a bird feeder
  91. Make a summer scrap book
  92. Make your own musical instrument
  93. Make mud pies
  94. Have a building challenge with LEGOS, Lincoln Logs, K’Nex etc.
  95. Put on a fashion show
  96. Learn how to juggle
  97. Play 20 Questions
  98. Create a dandelion or flower chain necklace
  99. Have a Frozen (or other movie) sing-a-long
  100. Take a nap!

DOWNLOAD FREE PDF:06.17.16 100 Summer Boredom Busters 4 Kids



Do you have a favorite summertime boredom busting activity? Have you tried any of these? Share your thoughts in a comment.

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